Camilo GÓMEZ

'CG Prod'  

Music Producer/Sound Recordist/Sound Designer/Musician/DJ        


GIA Music Records is owned and operated by Camilo Gómez

aka ''CG Prod''. 

Since the beginning of 2001, Camilo Gómez started his music journey as a conservatory student where he learned to play the piano, guitar and drums. At a young age he developed a big sensibility in music recording and analog synthesis which brought him a new identity making clear that he was not an Engineer or a DJ, but instead a talented Musician eager to share an emotion rather than a beat.

Hailing from Colombia, Camilo move to Los Angeles after getting his degree as an Audiovisual Communicator where he started working for film projects and studio recordings. This experience let him find new paths of music creativity where the sound is straightly shaped by visuals and sensitiveness. Camilo join BelongBeatz in 2018 owned and operated by producer ScottyBumb in which he started selling his trap beats to the cinese market.


Raul Menjivar


Audio Engineer/Rapper Recordist/Sound Designer/DJ         


Raised in Littlerock, CA, Raul started his music journey back in 2011., when he first started djing for events, and producing electronic dance music. At the age of 16, Raul taught him self how to record and track vocals, and shortly after learning how to mix and master records. At 18, he decided to attend La Recording School and go for his Associates in the Science of Recording.

Through his school journey, he developed solid mixing skills, and gained a structured work flow. Moved to LA to start his own brand "MixedbyRa" where he started to work with more artist. Thru the years Raul gained more and more credits working with artist from all around the world like Kohh, Higher Brothers, Gab3 and many more. After graduation he got involved in more creative projects such as photo editing, video editing, song-writing etc where he started to work as a freelancer Boom Operator in 2018 gaining a lot of experience on Film sets. Today Raul works on music of his own representing "Relapse" (XP) Album.